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In Michigan, Gay Marriage – “For the Sake of the Children”?

One of the standard conservative arguments against gay marriage, is that it is somehow harmful to children. In Michigan, a court is being asked to evaluating this claim – and the conservatives are having a rough time of it. They planned to produce two expert witnesses – but got off to a poor start. Yesterday, the judge ruled that the first witness for the state could not take the stand, because he is still a student, and so does not quality as an expert. Today, the second alleged expert was due to testify – but in the meantime, his own employer, the University of Texas, dismissed his research as methodologically flawed.

Plaintiffs Jayne Rowse, left, and her partner April DeBoer stand outside Federal Court in Detroit on Feb. 25, 2014. / Mandi Wright/Detroit Free Press


The case began when two women asked the court to recognize both of them as joint parents of their three adopted children – which is currently prohibited by virtue of Michigan’s ban on same – sex marriage. Continue reading In Michigan, Gay Marriage – “For the Sake of the Children”?