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Proudly Blogging Catholics—Sharing the LGBT Good News

An opportunity to share and discuss views and perspectives with two gay Catholic bloggers from either side of the Atlantic.

Proudly blogging Catholics

Frank DeBenardo, director of New Ways Ministry and the editor of Bondings 2.0 will be in London for a few days next month, together with Sr Jeannine Gramick, the celebrated founder of New Ways. On Monday 13th June, Frank and I  will be at the Mount Street Jesuit centre, 114 Mount St, London W1K 3AY (the parish hall for the Church of the Immaculate Conception, Farm St) to discuss the joys and challenges of being openly both gay and Catholic.

Hosted by the Westminster LGBT Catholics Pastoral Council, refreshments will  be served from 6:30pm – specifically to enable those working in London, to come on to the venue directly from work.  Take this invaluable opportunity also for discussion and also to meet with Sr Jeannine and Frank.

(Image taken from Bondings 2.0)

Synod “Lineamenta”: Good News and Bad News for LGBT Catholics

At Bondings 2.0, Frank DeBenardo writes that there’s reason for both hope and disappointment for LGBT Catholics in the Family Synod “Lineamenta”. That’s a fair appraisal. The disappointment is clear in a public statement from the Global Network of Rainbow Catholics – a loose coalition of Catholic groups from around the world, who will be gathering in Rome for a short conference at the start of the bishops’ synod. I plan to be among them. (The GNRC includes Quest and the Westminster Gay and Lesbian Pastoral Council from the UK, and Dignity and New Ways Ministry from the USA, as well as groups from Europe and Latin America).

My own initial response is likewise that it contains both bad news and good news. The bad news, is that it has so little to say about us. The good news is – also that it has so little to say about us. It’s obvious to me that the drafters of the document have no idea how to deal with the issue, and would far prefer that the matter simply go away quietly. It won’t.

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