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Are We All “Prisoners of Gender?”

In Fascinating Aida’s show “Charm Offensive”, there’s much to laugh at, much to delight. But when I saw it a few years ago,  the highlight was something of a different order altogether: a number by Adèle Anderson which was intensely personal and deeply moving – “Prisoner of Gender”.


In it, she describes the childhood experience of feeling trapped in the wrong body – a boy’s body, which gives her the witty and appropriate title for her song. I suspect though, that it is not only trans people who will be able to relate to this image. From an early age, I never doubted that I was in fact a boy, but knew that I was somehow “different” from other boys, and often felt uncomfortable at being expected to enjoy boys’ activities and toys, but not girls’ things. I too, was a “prisoner of gender”, albeit to a lesser degree than Anderson.  I am certain that many other gay men and lesbians will be able to relate in the same way, to some disconnect between who they are in their innermost being, and the expectations placed on them by gender.

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