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About Terence Weldon: Catholic, gay, partnered; a father and and a grandfather.

Me at our ride tall after the march, 2009
Me at our Pride stall after the London Gay Pride march, 2009

Originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, I have been a UK resident since 2003. A regular and active participant in London’s ‘Soho Masses’, a community I have treasured for the past 4 years, I also worship at my local parish in Surrey, UK. Neither an academic nor a saint, I have absolutely no qualifications to write this stuff, other than a passion for collecting and sharing ideas and information.

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As gay Catholics, we have often found ourselves double outsiders. As a sexual minority in a world where heterosexuality is routinely taken for granted, and even suffered ridicule, discrmination, violence or worse, we have often felt excluded, left out -or even invisible. Typically, we have felt even more rejected in the churches than in the secular world, with widespread condemnation of the ‘sin’ of homosexuality. This hostility from the religious establishhment has led to a counter-reaction from many in the LGBT community, who see religion as the architect and driving force behind our ‘oppression’, and consequently refuse to have any truck with organised religion. The result for gay Catholics is too often, exclusion by both camps. I have often heard the observation from my gay Catholic friends, that it can be as difficult to be out as Catholic in the gay community, as it is to be out as gay in the world at large.

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