UK Bishops Rejecting Church Teaching?

Once again, the Catholic Church, in defending its dogma, is in practice going against its own teaching.  The BBC has reported that the UK bishops have “reacted angrily” to a speech by Terry Pendergast, of Marriage Care, in a speech this past weekend to Quest.


The Roman Catholic Church has reacted angrily to comments endorsing gay parenthood from a charity with strong links to the Church.

Terry Prendergast of Marriage Care, which is partly funded by the Church, said there was no evidence children were harmed by having same-sex parents.


Pendergast is a trained professional in this field.  The church has consistently stated that in the modern world we need to respect the findings of science and experts in specialist fields.  But in matters in conflict with its own proclaimed “tradtional” teaching, particularly on homosexuality, where it is not truly traditional at all, the Church consistently ignores its own advice.  In responding to Prendergast, the bishops have completely ignored all references to scientific research, and resorted instead to simply repeating once again their own, unsubstantiated convictions.

As a father  of two wonderful daughter, who survived a difficult time when I was married and after my divorce, and have grown up to be strong adults, professionals and loving parents themselves, I have a deep personal interest here.  I know that both my girls came to love and appreciate my long term partner. One in particular has frequently spoken up in defence of what she says was a “privileged” (emphatically not deprived) childhood with a second father.  (This was not a case of adoption, and clearly not directly comparable – but many of the same issues apply.)  I do not propose, though, to speak for my children – I have invited Robynn to write for herself.  I hope she will accept.

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