“Take Back the Tradition” – the Video Series (Coming Soon)!

After spending last weekend in Rome for the founding conference of the Global Network of Rainbow Catholics, this week I am just outside Zurich, for some family time of my own with my daughter and grandchildren. This not however, just holiday time. It’s also very much a working holiday: keeping up  with news from Rome on the Family Synod, and pushing ahead with some new projects.

One of these new initiatives is to expand from simple blogging, to vlogging – video blogging. For a long time I’ve been wanting to add my own A/V material to my sites, as a Youtube/ Vimeo channel, and as Powerpoint type presentations. What has been a vague intention has now taken concrete form.  My son-in-law here is a professional video editor for Swiss TV, is helping me through the technical issues, and over the weekend will wield the camera for the first of the videos. Meanwhile, I’m preparing the scripts (in between following that news from Rome, and attending to grandchildren).

The subject for the first series will be “Take Back the Tradition – Some Topics in Queer Church History”, which is currently planned for an introduction and 6 further instalments:

  • Introduction
  • The Distorted Christian Tradition in Biblical Interpretation
  • The Distorted Christian Tradition on Marriage
  • The Distorted Christian Tradition on Natural Law Theology
  • The Forgotten History of Queer Women and Men in the Church
  • The Forgotten Tradition of Queer Spirituality
  • The Forgotten Tradition of Conscientious Christian Dissent

This topic has been specifically chosen, because LGBT history month (UK) for February next year will have a special emphasis on LGBT church history, which has too often been neglected by queer / LGBT historians.  (Further series will follow).

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