The Queer Church Is Expanding!

I’m already engaged in restructuring my primary content – the blog(s). Now, I’m delighted to report on some new / upgraded projects that I’ve been thinking about for a long time


The Current Restructuring

I’ve already reported that this website is splitting into three distinct channels, each with its own clearly defined focus.

Queering the Church“, here at this URL, remains as a traditional blog. It is here that I will respond with personal thoughts, reactions to current news, or disclosure of events and thoughts in my own life and activities.

Drawing attention to news items of interest to LGBT people of faith, or to insightful and useful opinion pieces and analyses, is important – but I don’t always have the time, or feel the need, to add extensive commentary of my own. “Queer Church News” is where I now post simple links and introductory paragraphs to such pieces.

The heart of the new structure is “The Queer Church Repository“, where I am now building what I had hoped to do when I started out, but could not for lack of technical skills – build a comprehensive resource for LGBT Catholics (and other Christians) to reconcile the apparent conflict between their faith and sexuality. Associated with the Repository, are two existing satellite sites on history and scripture for Queer Christians – “Queer Saints Sinners and Martyrs” and “A Queer Ear for the Rainbow Scriptures

New Ventures:

That restructuring has already been started, and is continuing – but with some completely new ventures thrown in. On the web, these will include development of interactive learning resources, and audiovisual material, as Youtube videos and Powerpoint presentations, for example. For more on the first of these video series, see “Take Back the Tradition: Video Series (Coming Soon)!

In addition, I will be doing a lot more face – to – face work with groups, in workshops, conference presentations, and with Catholic schools and parishes.

All this becomes possible because the major surgery I will have some time in the next few months will force me to take some substantial time off my regular work outside the home. That in turn means that I will lose my current, limited income. I will be in dire need of alternative sources – and that must come in the form of support (direct or indirect) from my many supporters and admirers. The workman is worthy of his hire, we are told. So fund me.

(More details on all these new initiatives, and on new vehicles for support, will follow in subsequent posts)


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