Queer Church News Digest – Wednesday 23rd September

Canadian Anglicans Present Biblical, Theological Case for Same – Sex Marriage. | Queering the Church

Homophobia, Pope Francis, and Pastorial Ministry | Rainbow Sash Movement

Five Things To Watch For During Pope Francis’s U.S. Visit / Queerty

Canadian Anglicans make theological case for marrying same-sex couples | Ekklesia

An Open Letter to Pope Francis | Gina Messina-Dysert

A gay dad tells the Pope what he would learn if he had dinner with his family | Gay Star News

Pope gives hope to gay Catholics, same-sex marriage supporters

Difficult Questions for Explicitly “Christian” Colleges Over Marriage:

Iglesia Descalza: WOW 2015: What it was…and what it wasn’t

/Pope Francis and the Catholic Church Outsiders – US News

Pope Francis: US Catholics Committed to Tolerance, Opposed to Discrimination| National Catholic Reporter

(Irish) Gay Marriage Bill To Be Introduced In Dail Today – 98FM

How 6 LGBT Catholics Kept Their Faith — Despite Being Shunned By The Church

Pope Francis to meet Catholic teacher Margie Winters fired over her gay marriage | Daily Mail Online

Row as ministers refuse civil partnerships to straight couples (From Herald Scotland)

Catholic Church ‘out of touch’ on marriage and families, say English Catholics | Christian Today

Bigoted, misogynistic, and controlling – scathing critique of Catholic Church by its own members

The Church Is Changing. Are You Ready? (from “Freed Hearts”)

Pope Francis: “I Would Love to Visit and Talk to Gay and Lesbian People” | Bondings 2.0

Unearthing The Surprising Religious History Of American Gay Rights Activism

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