Evangelising at Pride.

Lifesite News once again has become hysterical that LGBT Catholics from the Jesuit parish at Farm Street joined the Gay Pride parade on Saturday, complaining that in doing so they would

march alongside homosexual and transsexual rights activists, “gay marriage” supporters, drag queens, and a host of semi-nude dancers and sadomasochistic displays, amongst others.

This is ignorant scaremongering drivel. Of course their were rights activists present – that’s what Pride is all about – and what the Catholic social Gospel proclaims, that we should be constantly on the side of justice for marginalised and oppressed peoples. But the “semi-nude dancers and sadomasochistic displays” were not nearly as prominent on the streets, as in Lifesite’s fevered imagination – and definitely not alongside us, or anywhere near.

In fact, the people we were marching “alongside” were more Christian and other faith – based groups. There was a large contingent from “Christians Together at Pride”, Unitarians, Quakers, Muslims and Jews. In addition to the group from Farm Street, were three other Catholic groups – the LGBT Catholic Young Adults Group, Quest, and Positive Catholics. This was simple evangelising, as called for by Pope Francis in “Evangelii Gaudium”, a call taken up by the English bishops with the “Proclaim 15” initiative – spreading the word to the LGBT community that they too, are loved by God

god loves everyone

Behind the faith groups, were a number of sporting groups. Also prominent among the specifically LGBT groups participating, were numerous cultural, leisure and charity groups. These far outnumbered the outlandish displays that always get the photographers’ attention.

Even the Lifesite report itself acknowledges the remarkable number of notable global and national corporations and organizations participating, in support of their LGBT staff and customers.

Companies and organizations with registered groups joining the parade include many of the biggest names in business, Law, education, charity, and media. They include Barclays, Scout Association, Ministry of Defence Civil Service, Armed Forces, Starbucks, Transport for London, Amnesty International UK, NSPCC, Bernardos, Metropolitan Police, Amazon UK, United States Embassy, UK Council for Psychotherapy, Bank of England, Houses of Parliament, National Union of Teachers, Law Society, Solicitors Regulation Authority, Buzzfeed, HSBC, Facebook, LinkedIn, BP Oil and Gas, and many more.

Far from being some sort of hedonistic sex-fest, the parade came across far more strongly as a statement calling for the “respect, compassion and sensitivity” that the Catechism demands.

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  1. Factual as always, Terry! Our initiative is certainly more in line with Pope Francis’ approach to evangelisation: not look for “fish in aquariums or farms,” but “instead have the courage to leave behind the safe margins of what is already known and to cast nets and rods in less obvious seas.” (Address to Future Nuncios, 25 June 2015)

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