2 thoughts on “Gay marriage issue poses long-term quandary to some”

  1. Hi, Terry,
    This strange blog post you’ve forwarded seems to go from opposition to marriage equality, to support of lax US gun laws. Sometimes the (US) American psyche leaves me perplexed!
    And there’s Papa Francesco getting bad-mouthed for inferring US policies might not be Gospel values!

  2. Hi Trish. My reason for sharing was simply – I think he’s pinpointed a major problem for the conservative churches (and Catholic bishops) going forward. I agree with him that churches cannot be forced in civil law to perform marriages in conflict with their religious belief – but then, nobody is asking for that, any more than anybody is using courts to force priests to conduct second marriage services for divorced people.

    The challenge is going to come in the non – religious activities of religious bodies, in employment practices, and in social services paid for with public money. How far does religious freedom extend, in the grey areas where religion and secular law overlaps?

    I didn’t spot any reference to gun laws, lax or otherwise (and still don’t), or I would never have promoted it.. I’m fiercely against guns – one of the reasons I’m pleased to be here, and no longer in S Africa, where gun madness is not that far behind the US.

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