Political Opportunism and the UK Gay Vote

It’s amazing what a  ministerial appointment can do for one’s “principles” . Caroline Dinenage MP, voted against gay marriage in the UK parliament – but now that she’s been appointed equalities minister, it turns out that no, she does back gay marriage after all (translation: she wants our votes). Is it mere coincidence that the previous Tory “equalities” minister experienced exactly the same transformation immediately after her own appointment?

Will British LGBT voters be convinced?

Equalities minister Caroline Dinenage says she now backs gay marriage

Caroline Dinenage, the Conservative MP for Gosport, voted against gay marriage two years ago.

But yesterday she was appointed equalities minister and, following a controversy about her appointment, she has performed her first U-turn. She is now in favour.

On Twitter, she claimed –

“To all the others I want to be clear – I support equal marriage & I’m fully committed to advancing the cause of LGBT equality moving forward”

via The Guardian.

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