School Uses "Catholic Teaching" to Penalize Bigotry.

Instead of using “Catholic teaching” as a cover for discrimination, a New Jersey school has used it to for its more important but neglected message –  opposition to homophobia and bigotry.

We are depressingly familiar with Catholic bishops (Salvatore Cordileione and others) who are attempting to use the cover of “Catholic teaching” to police the private behaviour, and even the beliefs, of lgbt Catholics and their straight allies. The core problem with this approach is that it takes a very limited, selective view of “Catholic teaching”, exclusively through the prism of sexual ethics, ignoring the far more important dimension of Catholic teaching through the prism of social justice and radical inclusion of all.

In direct opposition to the familiar Vatican doctrine that opposes same – gender sexual activities, are others, ignored by Cordileone and his ilk, that “homosexuals” should be treated with dignity, compassion and sensitivity,  that violence or malice (in speech or in action) should be opposed, and that discrimination against lgbt people is unjustified.

While some dioceses have been quick to penalize lesbian and gay teachers simply for being honest about their lives, welcome news from New Jersey is that “Catholic teaching” has been invoked to support gay students – and penalize instead a teacher spouting bigotry.

New Jersey Catholic teacher suspended for anti-gay Facebook rant

Patricia Jannuzzi, a religion teacher at Immaculata High School in New Jersey who said the ‘gay agenda’ would to lead western civilization to a ‘slow extinction’, has been has been placed on administrative leave.

According to, Msgr. Sean Brennan, pastor of Immaculate Conception Parish, and Principal Jean Kline said in a letter to the school community that the postings by Jannuzzi were ‘completely inconsistent with our policy and position as a Catholic Christian community’ and had asked that she disable her Facebook page.

They said that the school ‘is a community that follows the example of Jesus Christ in welcoming all people.’

via Gay Star News.

2 thoughts on “School Uses "Catholic Teaching" to Penalize Bigotry.”

  1. I was no there to hear it, but I have been told that the pastor, Msgr. Brennan addressed people at the weekend Masses with an entirely different message which was very supportive of Patricia Jannuzzi..

    1. Always good to have the on-the-ground reports. Thanks.
      It’s disturbing to hear that the pastor appears to have been supporting bigotry – but that’s the problem, when Church “teaching” is internally so self-contradictory.

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