Phoenix Rising: Update!

Since reporting recently that I’ve lost much of the content at my original site, “Queering the Church”, I’ve been making steady progress towards repairing the damage.

The first decision I had to take was whether to continue the attempt to recover the entire content, as it was, or to go more slowly, piece by piece, and at the same time to substantially restructure and refocus it.  After spending some money and many hours working with the helpful technicians at my hosting company without too much tangible progress attempting to do the former, I’ve chosen to go the latter route, which will take longer, but will compensate with some incidental, important advantages.

When I first started to think about this site way back in 2008, it was never my intention to present blog based running commentary on LGBT church news – although that is how it developed. Originally, I wanted more of a website type permanent resource, to share with LGBT Catholics the material that I had myself found personally useful in my own journey as a Catholic gay man. At that time though, I found that the technology for what I wanted to do was beyond my ability. I settled for a blog as a more manageable alternative. The format and the news cycle between them largely dictated the content which followed.

Some of that content I believe was good and worthwhile – some perhaps, even very good. Some however has been less good – either technically, in poor editing and presentation, or in its level of analysis  Some of the other material, which may have been highly topical and urgent when written, is now less so.

The world has changed and moved on, and so has the technology – and my own skills base and understanding of the issues. The time has come for some drastic pruning and reshaping. As I restore the material, I will be simply discarding what now seems no longer as relevant, or just downright embarrassing. That which remains will be refreshed, edited if necessary, and possibly rewritten. I have also begun a substantial redesign to make it more visually appealing (take a look at the new front page!)

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